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turnkey industrial water heating systems

Custom Thermal Applications’ turnkey industrial water heating systems provide an opportunity for energy savings and emissions reduction. The QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heater is the flagship of our water heating systems and will be especially attractive to a client needing large volumes of hot water.

Heating the water by passing it directly through the combustion gases, QuikWater provides:

  • Improved water quality.
  • Food Approved – potable water in means potable water out.
  • 99% thermal efficiency with corresponding low emissions levels and fast payback from fuel savings.
  • Speed – single pass, on-demand heating at rates from 5 GPM to 2300 GPM (for standard, single tower units. Higher flow rates with multiple tower units.)
  • Water temperatures up to 200ºF (93ºC) in a single pass from supply water as low as 32ºF (0ºC).
  • Eliminates the need for hot water storage tanks (although they may be used if desired).
  • Consistent output water temperature even during fluctuating or peak demands.
  • Reliability demanded by large industrial users.
  • Low maintenance costs and long service life (stainless steel construction and the absence of boiler tubes).
  • Qualifies for rebates provided by the gas companies to clients who install high efficient gas burning equipment.
  • Low NOx packages available – under 30 PPM, under 20 PPM, and under 12 PPM.

Conventional Boilers: Conventional hot water or steam boilers will be needed for many plant process requirements. As a combustion services firm, we are able to source most makes of boilers and recommend a “best fit” solution. With our in-house engineering, we can size and supply the boiler, specify and supply the piping and ancillary equipment needed for a successful application, and design and supply a control panel (if needed) to integrate the package with the client’s plant.

Accessory Packages: We design and supply high and low-pressure pump skids and hot water storage systems as may be needed to compliment the client’s new water heating package. Package options include pumps, motors, drives, tanks with temperature and level controls, pump speed or other discharge pressure control options plus a custom designed panel to provide these controls and integrate the new accessory pump package with the new water heater or other parts of the clients existing plant.

We also supply heat exchanger packages for heating liquids other than water.

In-House Engineering: Custom Thermal provides engineering assistance for application design to clients considering new or upgraded water heating systems.

Installation: Complete turnkey installation, start-up and testing of our water heating packages are provided by Protherm, our affiliate service company.

Water Heating System Design, Supply, & Installation General Capabilities
Design, Supply, Build & Install
Startup, Service & Support
Supply Packages
Equipment Package, Pump & Storage Tanks
Valves, Control Panels & Computerized Control Systems
Machine Style & Process Type
Machine Style:
Integrated Flexible

Process Type:

Industrial Water Heaters
Direct Contact Water Heaters
Control Mode
Water Heater Features
Potable Water In = Potable Water Out
High Thermal Efficiency
Low Emissions (NOx & CO)
Industrial Quality
High Reliability
Long Service Life
Heats Water in Single Pass (No Recirculation)
Stainless Steel
Single Tower
Twin Tower
Up to 200 °F
Capacity & Size
Capacity: 5 to 7,000 GPM

Size: 400,000 to 70,000,000 BTUH

Fuel & Emissions (NOX)
Fuel: #2 Fuel Oil
Dual Fuel Burners

Emissions: 30 ppm Maximum

Thermal Efficiency & Testing
Thermal Efficiency


Flue Gas Analysis
Additional Services Provided
Research & Development
Typical Lead Time
8 to 10 Weeks
Additional Information
Industry Focus
  • Beverage Bottling & Canning
  • Car, Truck & Tank Washing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Concrete Ready Mix
  • Dairy
  • Food Processing
  • Hospitals
  • Metal Processing
  • Other Institutions
  • Painting & Coating
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Swimming Pools
  • Textiles
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