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Custom Thermal Applications direct fired commercial water heating systems provide turnkey solutions that enable our customers to realize significant energy savings as well as boiler emission reductions that contribute to their overall sustainability plans.

We designed, built, and installed the QuikWater® system shown here for use in a commercial application. Using base model QS 2500, we engineered customizations to meet the exact specification requirements.

QuikWater Water Heating System for a Commercial Application

Operating from a cold water inlet with a temperature of 40°F, this natural gas-fired system supplies user-selectable 130°F or 140°F water at 85 psi. The control panel features a manual on/off switch as well as a 24 hour timer. Switching to an on-demand system, which operates at up to 99% thermal efficiency, helped our customer reduce operating expenses and their carbon footprint.


As industry leaders in thermal engineering, CTA can provide you with an economical and “green” solution for your hot water requirements. With energy concerns always on the front burner, our environmentally friendly systems will help you improve your sustainability image and gain you a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn more.

Product Description
This QuikWater system is used to supply large volumes of hot water for an industrial/commercial application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Material Used
Stainless Steel
Natural Gas
Unbeatably High Thermal Efficiency (99%)
Single Pass (On Demand) Heating
Low Maintenance Heating
Stand Alone (No External Storage Tank)
Manual Turn On/Turn Off Switch or 24 Hour Timer
Electrical Power
575 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Cycles
Water Information
180°F (82°C) at 99% Efficiency
200°F (93°C) at 98% Efficiency
Discharge Pressure: 85 PSI
Cold Water Inlet: 40°F
Hot Water Outlet: 130°F or 140°F
Product Name
QS 2500 or QS 3500 QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heater