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Overview of TSSA

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is a Toronto-based, not-for-profit organization that promotes, enforces, and delivers public safety in Ontario. With a focus on public safety and maintaining adherence to safety compliance, the TSSA enforces the Technical Standards and Safety Act of 2000 to set up regulations and code development, train industrial organizations on safety, and carry out compliance inspections.

Established in 1997, the TSSA currently has approximately 400 employees, with nearly 300 of those employees devoted to operations. The organization is funded by fees the TSSA charges industry customers, and they’re managed by a 13-member board that answers to the Ontario government, the residents of the region, and other stakeholders. Their mission is to put safety first.

TSSA’s Values

Technical Safety & Standards Authority (TSSA) Consulting

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TSSA maintains these corporate values:

  • Safety, with a focus on safety consciousness at all times
  • Leadership through both words and actions
  • Integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior
  • Respect and building trust
  • Accountability, with a focus on delivering on promised services and maintaining transparent responsibility
  • Effective and responsible communication processes
  • Collaboration across the organization and with external organizations to achieve safety

The TSSA prioritizes the safety value chain through prevention tactics. They establish regulatory recommendations and best practices across a wide range of industrial sectors. By focusing on prevention-based activities, such as public safety campaigns, they can mitigate safety risks and educate people about dangers associated with different industries.

The organization also encourages industrial companies and organizations to take a more proactive role in promoting and ensuring safety in their facilities, in their interactions with the public, and beyond. By focusing on education and prevention, the TSSA encourages organizations to adopt safety-driven processes that lead to safer conditions in the short-term and long-term.

Safety Value Chain

The safety value chain is the structure of thought and operations the TSSA uses to advocate for safety and best practices. The chain includes more than inspections and regulatory oversight; it encompasses education, creating safer processes, implementing safer technologies, and more. Some of the activities included in the safety value chain include:

  • The TSSA supports government initiatives in establishing regulations to guide industrial practices. This includes supporting the development of new codes, standards, and processes.
  • Education. The TSSA creates educational material and supports training for both end-users and industrial parties. This educational focus includes knowledge of best practices, safety protocols and common safety challenges, changes in codes and standards, pertinent regulations, and practices to increase individuals’ adherence to safe behaviors.
  • Involvement in training. The TSSA works with training organizations to ensure that training, examinations, and certifications are properly implemented to give individuals the right training and tools to maintain high standards of safety. They are also involved in the registration of plants and industrial equipment, as well as the licensure for contractors, devices, and sites.
  • Review of facility changes. The TSSA reviews changes to technology and equipment in industrial sites to ensure they meet all relevant requirements.
  • Auditing for code compliance. The TSSA can inspect, monitor, or audit contractors, equipment, personnel, plants, and sites for code compliance and potential safety issues.
  • Act. The TSSA can resolve non-compliance before or after potential safety incidents by taking regulatory actions.

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