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In the Province of Ontario, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is the not-for-profit government agency which oversees the safe use hydrocarbons within the Province. For gas-fired appliances the Canadian Gas Code, B149.1, provide the rules and regulations for the design, installation, and usage of such appliances. TSSA has the mandate to ensure the B149.1 Code is adhered to in order to provide a safe living and working environment for the people of Ontario.

Since the inception of Custom Thermal Applications over 30 years ago, we have designed, installed and maintained combustion systems to the standards that are set out in the B149.1 Gas Code. We are also able to offer our expertise to the owners of appliances that require the mandatory field approvals done by TSSA.

All HVAC companies operating in Ontario are aware of the need for Field Approval of custom built or non-approved appliances, but very few are experienced in the process of attaining the required approval.

The TSSA Process

Ultimately it is the legal responsibility of the end user of an appliance to ensure the appliance is approved for use in Ontario. Custom Thermal Applications will work with appliance manufacturers, end users and installers to help them through the process of a TSSA Field Evaluation and Approval.

Custom Thermal Applications will perform an audit of the fuel valve train and the safety controls, to ensure that all the components satisfy the requirements of the Code and that all the required safety features are utilized correctly. We can make recommendations and make the changes needed to satisfy the Code.

Custom Thermal Applications can assist or take on the responsibility for preparing the Application for Field Approval, as well as act as the technical representative on behalf of the applicant during the TSSA Engineering Review.

Custom Thermal Applications can also provide a licensed Gasfitter to attend the TSSA Field Inspection with the TSSA inspector.

Learn More About Custom Thermal Applications

Custom Thermal Applications has a thorough knowledge of the Canadian B149.1 Gas Code and works closely with TSSA on behalf of the manufacturer or end user to ensure safe and legal operation of gas fired appliances in Ontario. Very few HVAC contractors are familiar with the Approval process.

Appliance manufacturers and end users are legally responsible to ensure that every gas fired appliance is approved for use in Ontario. Custom Thermal Applications will make sure you have met all the requirements.

Typical industries that require Field Approved appliances are paint lines, metals, foundries, food industry, manufacturing and printing. Any process that requires gas fired appliances must ensure that the appliances are approved. To learn more about our work with TSSA, contact us today.