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Custom Thermal Applications was founded in 1986 and is based in the greater Toronto area.

We design, manufacture, install, and retrofit combustion systems for industrial process heating requirements such as:

  • Heat treating ovens
  • Paint drying ovens
  • Ovens and other cooking equipment for the food processing industry
  • Burn-off ovens, paint stripping ovens and thermal oxidizers.

Custom Thermal Applications is able to provide upgrades and modifications to existing process combustion systems, where necessary, to improve the performance or to meet CSA and TSSA standards, along with these capabilities:

  • Assess and carry out modifications to imported process heating equipment as may be needed to meet CSA and TSSA standards.
  • Prepare, on behalf of the client, the documentation needed by TSSA for approval of process combustion applications.
  • Specify, supply, install, startup and service hot water and steam boilers.
  • Specify, supply, install and service QuikWater direct contact water heaters (99% thermal efficiency).
  • Design, supply, install and service custom accessory pump and/or heat exchanger skids as may be needed with boilers and water heaters.
  • Design, supply, install and install custom water temperature control skids, pump skids and control panels for process heating applications.

Our Clients

Typical clients include the manufacturers and industrial end users of combustion-related process heating equipment such as process ovens for bakeries, process cooking equipment and high volume water heating for meat processors and other food processors, heat treating and burn-off ovens and thermal oxidizers for metallurgical process applications, parts cleaning and parts coating industries and paint drying lines for automotive, and other parts manufacturing sectors.

Clients using our direct contact water heating systems include the beverage bottling and canning industries; meat and other food processing industries; concrete manufacturing; car, truck and tank truck washing; textiles and laundry. Geographically, in addition to our home Province of Ontario, our client base includes the rest of Canada, the USA, Mexico and overseas clients.

Our Capabilities

In-house engineering, the ability to carry out testing and experimentation, and long-term relationships with leading component manufacturers, have made Custom Thermal Applications experts at sourcing and assembling the optimum combustion systems package, integrating superior components and control systems to satisfy client requirements. Custom Thermal Applications are the exclusive representatives in Ontario for QuikWater, an Oklahoma based manufacturer of direct contact water heaters. The high thermal efficiency (99%) QuikWater units heat the water on demand in volumes up to several thousand gallons per minute. QuikWater is Food approved – potable water in means potable water out. Custom Thermal Applications is a representative and service company for Burn-Off Ovens and Paint Stripping Ovens made by Pollution Control Products in Dallas Texas. As a combustion services company, Custom Thermal Applications can source most makes of boilers.

Custom Thermal Applications is affiliated with ProTherm Ltd., a process combustion and HVAC servicing company which installs and services equipment designed and marketed by Custom Thermal Applications.