Engineering of a Finishing System Used to Apply a Protective Coating to a Manufactured Product

Design, Supply & Installation of Turnkey Industrial Finishing Systems

Known worldwide for our design and engineering expertise, Custom Thermal Applications built the high throughput, large component automated paint spray system pictured here to meet the exact specifications of a protective coating application. Our engineering team worked in close partnership with the customer to identify all system requirements and provide them with a thoughtfully engineered solution that would streamline their operations and add value to their process.

In addition to two separate clean rooms, one with a 1,935 ft² and the other with a 670 ft² footprint, this multi-station system incorporates more than 1,900' of conveying equipment (~1/3 of a mile!). Three spray booths, each with dimensions of 56' in length, 18' in width, to accommodate priming, base coat, and clearcoat application. The three ovens: dry-off, prime-bake, and final cure, feature 4" insulated 20 ga satin coat panel construction, and each measures more than 100' long. Other components include a washing station, 3 cooling tunnels, 3 flash tunnels, and ionizing booth, and a neutralizing system. We also engineered an advanced HVAC system to keep the environmental conditions in the ideal range for maximum adhesion and optimal results.

Engineered, built, and assembled by the team at CTA, this turnkey industrial finishing system was designed for energy savings, low maintenance, and operation. It will meet the needs of the customer now and well into the future, and has become one of their most valued assets. To learn more about this project, or would like to discuss how a new or retrofit finishing line can improve your operations and help you grow your business, Contact us today.

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Highlights of a Engineered Finishing System:

Product Description
This finishing system is used to apply a protective coating to a manufactured product.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Component Dimensions
Clean Rooms #1
  • Walls: 830 sq.ft.
  • Roof: 1,935 sq.ft.

Clean Rooms #2
  • Walls: 1,100 sq.ft.
  • Roof: 670 sq.ft.

  • "I" Beam Length: 940'
  • Chain Length:1,000'

Dy-off Oven
  • Length: 107'
  • Width: 14' 8"
  • Height: 10'
  • Walls: 3,470 sq. ft.
  • Roof: 1,465 sq.ft.

Final Cure Oven
  • Length: 122'
  • Width: 50'
  • Height: 10'
  • Walls: 1,850 sq. ft.
  • Roof: 1,366 sq.ft.

Prime Bake Cooling Oven
  • Length: 122'
  • Width: 38'
  • Height: 10'
  • Walls: 3,470 sq. ft.
  • Roof: 1,231 sq. ft.

Flash Tunnels
  • Prime Flash Tunnel
    • Walls: 2,310 sq. ft.
    • Roof: 2,186 sq. ft.
  • Base Flash Tunnel
    • Walls: 955 sq. ft.
    • Roof: 1,890 sq. ft.
  • Clear Flash Tunnel
    • Walls: 1,130 sq. ft.
    • Roof: 2,186 sq. ft.

Ionizing Booth
  • Length: 18'
  • Width: 14'
  • Height: 10'

Neutralizing System
  • Storage Tank: 1,200 gal
  • Mixing Tank: 400 gal

Spray Booths
  • Length: 56'
  • Width: 18'
  • Height: 10'

Material Used
Clean Rooms: 18 ga G90 Galvanized Sheet Metal Panels
Cooling Tunnels: 18 ga G90 Galvanized Enclosure Panels
Dry-off Oven: 4" Insulated 20 ga Satin Coat Panels
Final Cure Oven: 4" Insulated 20 ga Satin Coat Panels
Prime Bake Cooling Oven: 4" Insulated 20 ga Satin Coat Panels
Flash Tunnels: 18 ga G90 Galvanized Sheet Metal Panels
Ionizing Booth: 18 ga G90 Galvanized Sheet Metal Panels
Spray Booths: 18 ga G90 Galvanized Sheet Metal Panels
Clean Rooms (2)
Cooling Tunnels (3)
Dy-off Oven
Final Cure Oven
Prime Bake Cooling Oven
Flash Tunnels (3)
HVAC Units
Ionizing Booth
Neutralizing System
Spray Booths (3)
Product Name
Finishing System

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