Engineering of a Water Heater for the Food Industry

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At Custom Thermal Applications, our precision engineered direct contact water heating systems provide unmatched value to the food industry. From design and fabrication to delivery and installation, we provided this customer with an NSF/ANSI-certified system that brought measurable economy to their food processing operations. Fabricated from high quality stainless steel, this natural gas fired system provides 150°F water, on demand, from cold water inlet temperature of 35°F. The integral 200 gallon tank is the optimal size to keep water available and flowing according to the needs of the process cycle.

Offering outstanding thermal efficiency, this customer was able to optimize production, lower their fuel costs, and minimize downtime associated with waiting for sluggish hot water delivery. To learn more about this project, or how a customized QuikWater® direct contact water heating system can bring efficiently and cost control to your food processing application, Contact us today.

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Highlights of a Water Heater for the Food Industry:

Product Description
This QuikWater system is used to supply large volumes of hot water for a food processing plant.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Overall Part Dimensions
Tank: 200 Gallons
Material Used
Stainless Steel
Natural Gas
Unbeatably High Thermal Efficiency (99%)
Single Pass (on demand) Heating
Low Maintenance Heating
Electrical Power
575 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Cycles
Water Information
180°F (82°C) at 99% efficiency
200°F (93°C) at 98% efficiency
Discharge Pressure: 65 psi
Cold Water Inlet: 35°F
Hot Water Outlet: 150°F
Industry for Use
Food Industry
Product Name
QS 2500 QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heater

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