Engineering of a QuikWater System


Custom Thermal Applications engineered these QuikWater® systems to supply large volumes of hot water for an industrial/commercial application. Working in close consultation with the customer to understand their process requirements, we chose base model QS 3500 and engineered modifications on two systems to deliver the performance requirements that met their application demands.

These stainless steel, natural gas-fired direct contact water heaters are fed from a 50°F cold water inlet and provide an on-demand supply of 150°F water at 85 psi. Version CTA 2323-A features a standalone design and a compact, high speed pump, while version CTA 2323-B features a PLC to monitor the tank level and water temperature to ensure they are compliant with process demands. Both operate from 575 V, 3-phase power and offer low maintenance operation.

Our well-engineered solution enabled this customer to operate with greater energy efficiency than ever before, saving them expense and promoting their green footprint. For more information about this project, or how a direct-contact water heating system can improve your operations, contact us today.

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Project Highlights

Product Description
This QuikWater system is used to supply large volumes of hot water for an industrial/commercial application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes


Material Used
Stainless Steel
Natural Gas
Unbeatably High Thermal Efficiency (99%)
Single Pass (on demand) Heating
Low Maintenance Heating
CTA 2323-A

  • Stand Alone (no external storage tank)
  • High Speed Pump
  • Small Pump

CTA 2323-B

  • Tankless
  • Pump
  • PLC monitor tank’s level and temp
Electrical Power
575 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Cycles
Water Information
180°F (82°C) at 99% efficiency
200°F (93°C) at 98% efficiency
Discharge Pressure: 85 psi
Cold Water Inlet: 50°F
Hot Water Outlet: 150°F
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
QS 3500 QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heater

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